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If you are already using technical solutions such as SOA or monolithic systems, it is now high time to replace them with flexible APIs. APIs are an innovative solution to enable communication between different applications and reduce the complexity of entire architectures. It is impossible to imagine modern software development based on microservices and containers without it. Only an API interface enables collaboration between individual application units.

To give you an overview of our work, we explain the most important aspects of API development below.

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What is an API interface?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and consists of several tools, definitions and protocols for developing and integrating application software. If two or more applications are to interact with each other and access the respective content, data and resources, the communication interface must work flawlessly. API interfaces are, so to speak, the bridge between applications and overcome barriers within a company or even between companies.

In addition, API interfaces enable the automation of complicated and mostly manually executed processes. You can combine the advantages of different applications and thus get the best out of both programs for the end user. An app, for example, can access your ERP system via an API interface and make the work of your field staff much easier.


Functionality of an API interface

There are three different API approaches: Private API, Partner API, and Public API. As the names already suggest, each approach is responsible for a specific area. While the Private API represents the internal interface, the Partner API is responsible for communication with business partners. The Public API is publicly available and enables the link between two applications. An example of a public API would be the link between the Alexa voice control and any device that is to be connected.

At Webzeile, we rely on REST APIs for the most part. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. The REST approach simplifies the development of interfaces enormously because it gets by as an architectural design with fewer specifications than a comparatively SOAP-based interface. While SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) standardizes the communication between applications by providing numerous specifications, REST is limited to only six points. This gives developers the freedom to implement API interfaces quickly and easily.

What are the advantages of APIs?

Fast release of data and resources

from existing applications

Complicated tasks can be automated

Manual activity between applications is eliminated

Combine advantages of two different applications

Applications can communicate with each other

Simplified development of new applications

by autonomous systems with standardized interface

New sales channels through Public APIs

public interface possible

Entrepreneurial advantage

The technical possibilities that modern API interfaces offer a company are almost infinite. If one also takes a look at the advantages that arise for a company, the possible competitive advantage in particular crystallizes. While smooth communication between individual programs is standard, the development and rapid implementation of a new application can nowadays turn the entire market upside down.

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Examples of APIs:

Public APIs





And many more...

Private APIs

between microservices

between backend and frontend

And many more...

Partner APIs

Payment provider (e.g. Stripe)

Phone/SMS/Chatbot (e.g. Twilio)

Mail service

Document service

And many more...

This is how it works

The challenge of developing APIs

A major challenge that we master with our service is the integration of legacy systems. Problems arise primarily when the legacy system cannot operate in the usual request and response mode or when performance is insufficient because the system cannot handle several hundred requests per minute. How exactly to proceed in these cases must be clarified individually and depends, among other things, strongly on the respective backend system.

Let us advise you and learn more about API development in a no-obligation initial consultation.

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