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A website of your own with WordPress: these costs arise.

Create your own website with WordPress

How - and above all - where do you interact best with your target group and inform them about your offer? One thing is clear: if you want to be competitive, you have to be present online. In times in which our lives and their processes are shifting into the virtual world with increasing speed, websites and online shops are gradually replacing stationary trade and other areas of our lives. A visually appealing and user-friendly online presence is therefore absolutely crucial. And WordPress is the best way to create your own websites.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) to set up websites but also blogs. Many well-known companies, regardless of size, use the platform as well as individuals who may just want to publish a simple blog. Important to mention: there are two different systems, WordPress.org and WordPress.com. While WordPress.com always comes with a cost, WordPress.org is an open-source platform and in itself is free for now. All that is required is domain name and web hosting. The platform makes it possible (depending on design and functionality) to create a free website and build it according to individual ideas. Depending on what the own website should be able to do and how far it deviates from the standard, but also on WordPress.org can quickly invest five- or six-figure amounts.

Careful planning: understanding differences

Careful planning is always the first and usually the most important step to success. This will save you WordPress website costs in the long run. Sure, your own website can be created in a few minutes with just a few clicks, but if the goal is to set up a modern website that will bring in new customers and associated revenue, you should take your time. After all, there is a difference between a carefully planned boutique with a nice atmosphere and a quickly set up flea market booth. Ask yourself the following questions: Who is the target audience? What is the goal of the website - actively sell, advocate opinions, generate leads, etc.? What features do I need to achieve this (for example, a shop, contact forms and mailing lists, a Google Maps element, etc.)? What is the structure of my website and how extensive should / must the security mechanisms be in the background? The options WordPress offers are therefore extensive. Countless designs also determine how customers are addressed and whether they feel comfortable. Is there already a corporate identity (CI), which clearly defines a uniform company appearance internally and externally? The website should of course match the external image of the company. Agencies and freelancers specialize in combining stable running website environments with responsive and custom design to create the best possible website for everyone using WordPress. If there is no CI yet, it can even be developed along the way. What the ideal option is, can not be said in general terms, but in addition to the use case also depends certainly on factors such as time, money or scope. Especially if you are planning a very large website, you are better off with an agency and its resources.

Can I set up a website myself using WordPress?

The quick answer: yes, you can! WordPress is set up to be easy to understand and uncomplicated to use. But what you have to keep in mind is that creating a website with WordPress requires a lot of time - time that is not easy to spare in our fast-paced and hectic times. Especially and larger or more complex elements such as themes (design concepts) are not created just like that, and those who plan to scale the website along with their business will have to spend a lot of time planning from the beginning. Above all, plugins that are important for modern WordPress websites need to be implemented separately. These include features to share content on social media channels, drag and drop items (to the shopping cart, for example), or let customers pay for their purchases using PayPal. These plugins are not free but, depending on the goal of the website, are absolutely essential to keep your online store from looking like a digital junk shop. So if you want to use the website commercially, you should give the creation of your own website with WordPress into experienced hands. Some agencies often also provide long-term support within the framework of a maintenance contract.

Advantages of WordPress

Very widespread

WordPress is widely used, therefore great support and great developer massi

Versatile and expandable

Versatile: From small business cards to large corporate websites

Favourable entry

Get started at low cost


An attractive online presence and - if necessary - a clear online shop are no longer a nice-to-have, they are a must-have. As the first point of contact with the target group, the first impression is often made there and there is no second chance for this. If you don't want to leave anything to chance with this first impression and want to convince potential customers from the very first moment, contact us today. During a free initial consultation, we will show you how we at webzeile can set up your website with all the necessary content entirely according to your individual ideas.

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What kind of costs should I expect for my WordPress website?

Concrete figures are always difficult, because the price depends on many factors. The hourly rate of the developer can be between 60,- and 120,- Euro. Just for the creation and setup of design themes costs can be around 1,000 euros (often towards 3 - 4,000, - Euro). Appropriate plugins are necessary. In addition, there are cost points such as the protection through security measures or the establishment of a backup. Also for images or videos that need to be purchased and make the website more attractive in the future, costs arise with the WordPress website. If you are self-employed or hardly need any functions, you can have your own website created with WordPress from 1,000, - Euro. For a complete company site, you usually have to expect costs from 8,000, - Euro, although prices around 20,000, - Euro are not uncommon. The same applies to a webshop. Not listed here are the costs that arise when you save money at the wrong end and thus subsequent changes are necessary.


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