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Project Management at Webzeile

BPM, Change Management, Release Management

Project Management

Successful project management for your software project.

The use of software and EDP has arrived in almost every company nowadays. Producers and service providers use versatile solutions from the range of various software developers. Nevertheless, some tasks cannot be realized with already existing software: Here we help you by software development with goal-oriented project management. In order to determine your needs optimally and to point out the suitable software solution for you, we use different models in project management. We therefore present agile, classic and hybrid project management and show you the respective areas of application.

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These types are:


Agile project management

You have a rough idea of which functions your software should include? In agile project management, we work out your vision together with you and develop the software in cyclical processes. In doing so, we use the tool palette of Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking or User Stories. In this way, we develop your individual vision in close cooperation.


Classic project management

You know exactly which functions your software should fulfil? We will be happy to work out the specifications and requirements with you. The project is planned by us from start to finish and provided with corresponding milestones.


Hybrid project management

You already have a basic idea of what requirements your software should meet? By using hybrid project management, we can specifically address your requirements by combining different methods of agile and classic project management. In this way, your solution can be developed for you in the most efficient way possible.

Other important project management tasks:


Business Access Management

We support you in recording and modeling your processes and preparing them for display in the software. In doing so, we analyse and scrutinise the existing processes, advise you with the help of the BPM, Lean and Design Thinking methods and carry out optimisations together.


Change Management

During the introduction of the new software and the upcoming changes as well as new work processes, we accompany you in order to manage the change proactively and with foresight. Through good preparation and targeted training, each affected employee is picked up and prepared for the change.


Release Management

In order to ensure your further growth, the adaptation to the upcoming market conditions as well as the current state of the art, we continuously develop your software together in order to reflect your new or increased requirements.

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Our focus areas

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General application development specifically for your needs

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Apps for smartphones, tablet and PC

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Microservice developments for your business processes

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Portals and platformsgeneral

Development of internal or public portals and platforms

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API developmentgeneral

Interface development for your company

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Backend developmentgeneral

Development of backends for your administrative processes

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